Community is Our Foundation

Dynamic Communities grew out of a common need for business users to tackle tough problems and create smart solutions. This is our foundation of who we are. Community guides our vision now and into the future.

our beginnings

Where We Came From

It started with an idea. If I’m having a problem applying Microsoft business applications to my business, others must be too. This idea grew into a user group and grew to multiple user groups, spreading around the world. It evolved into in-person events small and large providing collaboration with people solving problems together

tides of change

The Great Reset

2022 is our time to reflect on what’s happened in the last few years, but more importantly to look into the future. It’s time to reset to a new normal and be pioneers. It’s a start of a new journey where we rebuild our community – together.

Taking our strong foundation as a community and adding new ways to collaborate and new ways to share knowledge will add to our already sound community.

2022 will be the year of the great reset where evolve, change and stay the same – together.

who we are


Our community is more than just people who use a product or are in the same industry or live in the same city or go to Summit. The relationships built through sharing knowledge and getting through business challenges forges a bond. There is a feeling when you are really part of this community that you feel. It’s a sense of belonging that is difficult to describe. Magic perhaps.

commitment to community

Embracing our Future

Collaboration and sharing intelligence is our foundation and it makes us a community. It’s who we are and who we will continue to be. We will find creative ways to connect with each other because getting smart people together for real connection and knowledge sharing forges our community.

We set out to reimagine meaningful ways to support the community members we know and love. It’s not been perfect. We’re listening and learning and evolving. 

For Community by Community