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Membership allows you to step outside your typical consultative role and build trusting relationships with current and target customers who will see you as more than an hourly-rate consultant. As a Partner, you’ll interface with thousands of users online and in person in the spirit of sharing knowledge – helping to broaden your recognition as an indispensable thought leader. By taking advantage of this special opportunity to provide actionable advice, you’ll generate customer leads along with an admirable reputation.

Sponsorship Opportunities

At highly attended annual events and quarterly local chapter events, you are invited to elevate your company brand and gain exposure to new markets through sponsor, speaker and volunteer leadership opportunities – extending your reach and customer acquisition potential.

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Greg Kaupp, ArcherPoint, Partner Member

"ArcherPoint is a virtual organization with clients in 48 of 50 states. Supporting NAVUG presented a unique opportunity to help connect our clients with other NAV end users, ISVs, and partners on a national scale. We believed that through the combined effort of all NAV partners, ISVs, and end users we can collectively create something much greater than any individual partner could on their own. Over time, the vision for what we believed we could collectively accomplish as an NAV community has been realized with the continued growth and expansion of NAVUG. NAVUG and NAVUG Summit have become the premier community and event for bringing NAV end users, partners, and ISVs together in support of the product that we love."

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