Partner Terms & Conditions

Welcome to the User Group Community. We realize Partners play an important role in the success of the User Groups. To ensure the best possible experience for all members (Users, Partners, Paid Members and Subscribers), we have established the following guidelines for participation. Thank you for being a part of the community.

Partner Membership Eligibility 

Partner membership is open to authorized VARs, Resellers, Systems Integrators, ISVs and Consultants who provide value added services to Customers using Microsoft Dynamics software, Microsoft PowerBI or Data Sciences. Partners are not eligible to enroll in Customer/User type memberships. Given the mission and purpose of the User group communities, the following types of companies are not allowed to participate in the community: recruiters and staffing firms; competitive ERP and CRM software Vendors, VARs, Resellers, Systems Integrators, ISVs or Consultants.

Partner Code of Conduct

The User Group is committed to maintaining high standards of honesty, integrity and conduct in all of its operations with Users, Partners, individuals, community organizations, and with businesses.  In order to uphold these standards, as a community Partner, I agree to:

  • Read, understand and comply with all community bylaws and policies as outlined in the User Group Code of Conduct and in the Community Partner Terms and Conditions Agreement
  • Treat all Community Members with respect and courtesy at all times
  • Refrain from discrimination towards any other individual with regard to race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or military status
  • Refrain from using the User Group name or logo without the express written consent of the organization
  • Contribute to meetings and other group functions in a positive and productive manner
  • Report to the Community leadership any conduct by any of the group’s members or leaders which is illegal or unethical in its dealings with other members or organizations or businesses
  • Maintain a high degree of integrity within the User Group and within the community
  • Abide by copyright, trademark, and licensing laws and regulations regarding software, patents, copyrights, license agreements, and other property rights

No Solicitation

I will refrain from soliciting or marketing to members of the User Group(s) except for sponsorship opportunities which have been authorized by Dynamic Communities.  This includes but is not limited to email, phone calls, direct mail, social media, online forums, special interest groups, chapter meetings and other User Group events. 

Chapter Participation Guidelines for Partners

Individuals representing authorized User Group Partner Members are welcome to participate in-person at Chapter meetings.  In order to preserve an unbiased atmosphere where Users can come to learn and share with one another freely, Partners must adhere to the following guidelines. When attending Chapter Meetings as a Partner Member I will:

  • Register for the chapter meeting in advance.
  • Invite and must be accompanied by a Dynamics Customer/User. This person can be a current UG member or potential UG member, in both instances registration is required.
  • Participate in the meeting by presenting educational content as requested by a Chapter Leader. 
    • Place presentation content onto the provided PowerPoint template. Paid Annual Chapter Sponsors may use your own template.
    • You may include one slide that highlights your company.
    • Presentations must be purely educational in content; marketing and/or sales messages are prohibited.
    • Please do not highlight or showcase customers unless they are in attendance.
  • Engage in conversation by sharing my deep knowledge of the software. Attend as a subject matter expert.
  • Refrain from marketing and/or sales-oriented discussions at the meetings. This includes, but is not limited to, promotion of products or services.
  • Refrain from distributing handouts or promotional items unless formally approved in advance by the User Group; or unless approved as part of a paid sponsorship program authorized by Dynamic Communities.
  • Refrain from requesting contact information from other Users at meetings.  Refrain from copying or accessing any information from meeting rosters.


In the event that I or anyone from my company violate the Partner Member Terms and Conditions, I understand that our membership and/or participation in the Community will be reviewed and possibly revoked. Revocation for cause results in no refund of fees or any financial investment, including but not limited to membership fees and sponsorship fees.

Dynamic Communities reserves the right to review membership applications and to restrict membership at their discretion at any time. Membership in the User Group is not automatic and may be subject to additional due diligence. In addition, membership may be subject to further review and adjudication by the User Group staff and/or Board of Advisors. Violation of the Code of Conduct may subject a member to disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the group and all related benefits.


I have read and agree to the Partner Member Terms and Conditions Agreement and the User Group Code of Conduct guidelines.  As a participant in the community and representative of our company, I have confirmed that all pertinent personnel in my company have read and will adhere to the Partner Member Terms and Conditions Agreement and the User Group Code of Conduct Agreement