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October 7, 2020

Decision Acceleration Community, Global DAC Digital Summit and IMO Digital Camps


TAMPA, Fla.Oct. 7, 2020 -- Dynamic Communities, the community platform connecting the Microsoft user, ISV and partner ecosystem, announced the January 2021 launch of the Decision Acceleration Community, the March 2021 Global Digital Summit and the IMO Digital Camp to run in Q4 2020 focused on vertical industry cloud migration.

"We are playing catch up based on the hit we took from COVID-19 this year; that is not unique to Dynamic Communities, as all event-based businesses have struggled, said John Siefert, CEO of Dynamic Communities.  "However, we have spent the last 50 days "hitting refresh" on who we are, why we exist and how we can serve our community, and I am thrilled to share these innovations at Summit North America this week."

Decision Acceleration Community (DAC)

The Decision Acceleration Community (DAC) is a reimagination of what to expect from a community platform. With a focus on putting the user in charge, the platform enables a single point of entry for a business technology professional to personalize a feed of curated user group, video, article, blog and podcast content around the topics (community tags) and user groups most important to them.  As the user personalizes their feed, the platform is optimized around their interests, user groups and physical location, creating a scroll of other community members in their geography, aligned with the same user groups, and following similar community tags. The whole premise behind DAC is to decrease the amount of time it takes for an individual to make a business technology decision – and we're doing that through curated content, connections to others with expertise and streamlined access to solution providers.

"We stepped back and created a fresh user interface and modern user experience via personalization, localization, discussions and curated guidance to craft decisive action plans," said Steve Arend, Chief Technology and UX Officer at Dynamic Communities.

Check out our video overview of the platform here and our landing page for ISV Partners and Solution Providers to join us for our January 2021 launch.

Global DAC Digital Summit

Running in March 2021, the Global DAC Digital Summit will redefine the virtual event concept by creating shorter sessions (like Ted Talks) packed with strategy, tips, best practices, how-tos and more, all optimized to the Decision Acceleration Community.  With thematic tracks including Cloud Migration, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotic Process Automation, Digital Transformation, Customer Experience & Service and BI & Analytics, we will recommend specific sessions to fill our audience's agenda based on the users groups and community tags they follow. To accommodate our global audience, we will be hosting each day of the event at unique times to align with local time zones of our global community.

"ISV Partners and Solution Providers can have a presence, create an experience, or build brand dominance based on their goals at the event and, as a 'for good' event, it will be free to all attendees, with the ability to purchase Academy classes available for deeper education," said Paul Alley, CRO at Dynamic Communities.

Impact, Metrics & Outcomes (IMO) Digital Camp

Organized by both business technology theme and vertical industry, the inaugural IMO Digital Camp will focus on the impact, metrics and outcomes of Cloud Migration running on November 17th, 2020.  Starting with a keynote session from business technology visionary and founder of Cloud WarsBob Evans, the agenda will then segment into vertical market-specific tracks featuring two-hours of presentations, case studies and solution demonstrations across the financial, manufacturing & distribution and the public sector (and potentially others).

Also running as a "for good" event, this will be free to attendees and will feature the ability for ISV Partners and Solutions Providers to underwrite and share how their customers are applying cloud solutions in a real world environment.

"The IMO Digital Camp is a great example of aligning the needs of our audience in the decision making process with the programming we create through the community—impact, metrics and outcomes, all delivered in short-form presentations to help decentralize community intelligence." said Rachel Fisher, Director of Programming and Academy at Dynamic Communities.

About Dynamic Communities

Dynamic Communities is the community platform connecting the Microsoft ecosystem of users, ISVs, MVPs and partners. Through curated community engagement, user groups, events, and Academy content, Dynamic Communities shortens the time it takes to make a business technology decision.

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Jenna Knoblauch

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