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Top reasons eXtreme365 is the place for Executives, C-level, and Practice owners

September 12, 2019 // By Krista Boehm

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Connect, grow, retain and so much more

Staying up-to-date and embracing the changing strategies of Microsoft alone can be a challenge. Add in the quarterly goals related to growing your business, exposing your brand, recruiting, and retaining staff, there is no shortage in items to cover as a business leader and it can be daunting to balance. That’s why attending eXtreme365 is key for someone in a leadership role like you.

How attending eXtreme365 can help

This year, eXtreme365 is coming to Orlando, Florida, October 13-16, to not only provide the face - time with Microsoft leadership but a rare chance to be surrounded by leaders just like you, to discuss the difficult and confidential issues you face in your daily business. A benefit of attending eXtreme365 is getting face-to-face with other leaders to share best practices and discuss how they have worked through similar challenges you may be facing. Peers who are maybe facing similar problems to solve or have been there before.

Attend eXtreme365’s Executive Exchange as an executive leader and spend two days working closely with Microsoft leadership, learn best partner business practices and benefit from deep-dive product and business learning, as well as through the networking and expertise of other participants.

Review the full session schedule here and check out some of the top for Executives, C-level, and Practice owners:

  1. AI & Profitability | presented by Todd McDaniel, Dynavistics
    • All the information you need to take advantage of artificial intelligence without breaking the bank.
  1. Microsoft Partner Incentives Update and Engagement Best Practices| presented by Microsoft’s Johan Jonsson, Director, Dynamics Partner Incentives
    • Hear the latest details on the Microsoft Partner Program, including financial incentives.
  1. Talking to Executives About B2B Digital Transformation| presented by Rick McCutcheon, Owner, Full Contact Selling
    • As B2B organizations are being driven to engage digitally, their traditional business processes are being seen as obsolete. L, learn how to talk to B2B Business Leaders about their Digital Transformation.
  1. Industry Accelerators | presented by Microsoft
    • The foundational components within the Power Platform and Dynamics 365 to quickly build industry vertical solutions. Accelerators extend to Common Data Model to include new entities to support a data schema concepts within specific industries.
  2. How organizational maturity affects Dyn365 Implementations | MVP Gustaf Westerlund, Principal Consultant, CRM-Konsulterna
    • How organizational maturity differs and how this affects Dynamics 365 CE implementations 
  3. The Five Dysfunctions of a Dynamics Team | Chelsea Schlepp, Chief Business Development Officer, InterDyn Artis
    • Why these five dysfunctions are detrimental to a team and how to overcome them
  4. How to prepare your CRM users for change | Mary Anne Kristan, System Admin & Functional Consultant, Tennessee Valley Authority
    • A guide through steps to ensure your users are ready for the constant CRM changes 


Navigate the changes to drive future business

Attend eXtreme365 to learn Microsoft’s roadmap for Dynamics 365 and the Intelligent Business Cloud so you and your organization can grow in knowledge and efficiency. Keep in mind that your eXtreme365 registration includes the first day of User Group Summit sessions, October 16, to welcome your customers. Leverage your eXtreme365 experience and stay through the full week to continue to host your customers at Summit while engaging with future customers.  

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