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Gathering Tips on How to Best Work From Home

March 19, 2020 // By Krista Boehm

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Gathering Tips on How to Best Work From Home 

The Coronavirus has no doubt impacted many of our community members, forcing us to adjust to a new way of work. We’ve put together some essential tips on working from home that we found helpful at Dynamic Communities and we encourage you to share with the community what helps you during this unprecedented time. 

  1. Have a dedicated space for work. An area free of distractions such as pets, television or those dishes in the sink will help keep you focused. 
  2. Create schedule and stick to it. Plan your day hour-by-hour, dedicating time to certain projects or meetings. 
  3. Don’t forget to add breaks to the schedule. Set aside 10-15 minutes to step away from the screen, whether it’s to eat a snack, take a bathroom break or complete a small task like the dishes or a load of laundry.  
  4. Change out of the pajamas. Although tempting to stay in the comfiest of clothes, getting ready as if you were going to the office will keep you motivated. Additional tip: consider wearing shoes too. 
  5. Take your lunch break to a different space. A brain break is important whether in the office or working from home. Enjoy your lunch and don’t look at work-related items. 
  6. Keep communicating with your team. It may get a little too quiet working from home sometimes. Video call your co-workers to ask them questions or plan a meeting to collaborate or just chat. Additional tip: listen to some music in the background or a podcast to make it a little less quiet if it isn’t too distracting for you. 
  7. Stay Active. Do you normally take a step outside during a regular workday? Don’t stop just because you work from home. Take that walk or do an at-home workout before or after you start work.  

Additional Tips 

Are you working at home with your kids? Have you worked from home for years and used to this routine? We want to learn about what helps you stay driven and focused! We've seen tons of great posts on this topic from around User Group members, here are just a few to get you started. Please add to this list so we can help each other adjust to working a bit differently. 

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Lean on your User Group Community 

Whatever working from home looks like for you, know that the User Group Community is here for you to continue providing a platform to ask questions, share tips and learn with one another. We will continue to provide opportunities virtually to ensure you and your team have the educational opportunities available whenever you need them.