Community is Our Legacy

Dynamic Communities grew organically out of a need for business tech users to tackle tough problems and create smart solutions. This is our founding history and it guides our vision today.

our beginnings

Where We Came From

It started with a single user group to bring together folks who were trying to apply Microsoft applications in their businesses. This quickly grew into an international movement as people around the globe were striving to solve similar problems. Dynamic Communities evolved beyond local user groups into a series of national and foreign market annual events to support the need for collaboration

our founder

Honoring Our Past

When Andy Hafer and a small group of CIOs got together in 2004 to share their knowledge and experiences around ongoing business and tech strategies, he never expected the growth that came after. What Andy started grew to connect over 280,000 members worldwide and serve as a critical partner within the Microsoft ecosystem. Tens of thousands of businesses were transformed as a result.

tides of change

Change is Inevitable

2020 spawned radical transformation. Between the global pandemic, accelerated migration to the cloud and Microsoft’s commitment to have a closer relationship with its customers — everything has changed. 

Microsoft is now supporting user groups with education, resources and training. And that’s awesome for users who are working to tackle the day-to-day functionality of their business applications, especially as Microsoft brings their experts in to help. And Dynamic Communities has adapted to create a different type of value. Simply put, we are your resource for actionable content and both digital and physical events.  

commitment to community

We’re Evolving with You

Sharing intelligence among the community has always been our guiding light. And we know that the shift to virtual everything created a whole new set of challenges for people and businesses (including ours). 

We set out to reimagine meaningful ways to support the community members we know and love. It’s not been perfect. We’re listening and learning and evolving. 

We’re bringing the community back together again for Summit NA 2021 – because there’s no better way to solve tough problems than to get a group of smart people together for real connection and knowledge transfer. Just imagine how much we can achieve by closing our computers – that’s why we are 100% committed to our Summit events (and stay tuned for more).