User Group for Dynamics 365

Welcome to the User Group for Dynamics 365, a peer-based community providing educational, knowledge sharing, and networking programs for Dynamics 365 users. This unique community has been established within the existing User Group for Dynamics 365 and AX (D365UG | AXUG) and User Group for Dynamics 365 and CRM (D365UG | CRMUG) giving you access to a community of experienced and knowledgeable peers.

Whether you are the decision maker or a functional or technical user, the User Group for Dynamics 365 offers helpful information and resourceful collaboration for all stages of deployment – evaluation, implementation and production.


Joining the community will allow you to


Exchange Knowledge
Gain insight and training via virtual education and discussion forums. No matter your Dynamics 365 question, your peers will have a solution because they live in the software daily and have 'been there, solved that.'

Gain Answers & Ideas
You will find answers for your issues and learn best practices from other power users to optimize the use of Dynamics 365 – whether you are evaluating, implementing or in production.

Build Your Support Network
Make connections with other individuals using Dynamics 365 daily, or with other companies who have experienced similar challenges you're facing.

Experience Success
It's proven – User Group members log less support cases and are more satisfied with their Dynamics implementation.


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