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Making Decisions in the Acceleration Economy

The quality and velocity of a company’s technology decisions create a clear competitive advantage. But making the right decisions quickly is often easier said than done. This is why we created Acceleration Economy Media & Events – to empower people to make smart decisions faster.

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Business Technology Decision Makers

Acceleration Economy Media & Events is for people charged with defining how their companies use technology. Their titles and distinction vary, but they’re all on a mission to leverage technology to create a competitive advantage for their organizations. From business and technology managers who are collaborating with operations, to the emerging new office of the CFO, we help people understand their needs, assess options and create actionable plans.

how does it work

The Future of Digital Event Connections

One of the biggest problems with virtual events is that they try to replicate in person events with awkward networking and “virtual booths.”

This is why we created the ability to “view and connect with” both speakers and sponsors during digital events through chat windows that don’t distract the user experience. “Continue the conversation” triggers go directly to our sponsors  where users and attendees can learn more.   

what can i expect

Insights on the Technology that Matters

Acceleration Economy Media & Events is full of resources and helpful content around the technologies that fuel the acceleration economy. Content is produced by a mix of internal subject matter experts, freelance writers, community contributors and solutions providers.

The list of categories that matter is always evolving. Today, we’re focused on AI/ML, automation, industry clouds, data analytics & BI, low code/no code applications, cyber security, financial systems and how all of this enables a company to compete in the acceleration economy.

a partners ecosystem

Connecting Buyers, Sellers & Users

From the largest platform providers – like Microsoft, Google & SAP – to independent software vendors (ISVs), solution architects and consultants, there is a partners ecosystem emerging that brings the best and brightest together in a co-creation effort to help companies compete in the acceleration economy. 

Through our Vendor Directory, each type of partner can host a “briefing center” to share content and highlight their expertise so potential customers can engage with them.