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As Promised - 2018 Goal Check In - February 2018!

  • 1.  As Promised - 2018 Goal Check In - February 2018!

    Posted Feb 10, 2018 11:24 AM

    Checking in as promised!

    I am continuing to work through courses on www.lynda.com for O365 certifications, Just loaded NAV 2018 to begin going through the core set ups in the NEW NAV, I am becoming so productive and efficient it is scary, but what I find most interesting is that I am getting more done and at the same time have more down time and leisure time to just enjoy life!

    Family time has been amazing!  Our family Christmas celebration was deemed the best ever, we wore our Christmas pajamas, we built a gingerbread village, turned the grandma's into snowmen (I was one of them), grandpa's into reindeer, played other silly one minute games, made homemade gifts for each other and did a lot of hugging and laughing.  I spent 7 days in California with my 20 year old son and 19 year old daughter, disconnected from the rest of the world and enjoying every moment with them.  It was a great end to our holiday break.  Last night we celebrated Scott's 21st birthday with the whole family - no interruptions!  Life is good!

    January reads:  You Are A Bad-ass; A Year of Yes; Self Love; I Love My Job; Secrets of How Top Women Become Phenomenal Leaders.  Currently reading:  I Am That Girl; Fearless & Fabulous.


    So enough about me…….what is going on with you ladies?

    @Debra Edlund-Lopez have you connected with a co-worker and begun to pay it forward?  What have been the results so far?


    @Aleiha Hanson - Congrats on becoming supervisor and I hope you and your new team are bonding.  How is the organization coming along?  Any ah-ha moments or new skills to share?


    @Cynthia Priebe - I hope I am not distracting you from work :)  How is the balancing act going?  Any tips for the rest of us trying to do the same thing.  We are with you on this!


    @Jody Cronk - being present, this was a goal of mine in 2017 and really got a grip on it after hearing Greg Krupp at Summit and then a chapter meeting in November on the 80/20 principle.  Our holidays were amazing applying this principle and being present with my family over the holidays.  Which ended in a trip to California with my 2 college age students before sending them back to school.  1 week with no distractions, being present in their world for 7 solid days - it was amazing.  How is your journey going?  What changes have you experienced by being more present so far this year?


    @Sherry Moran - Your goal is an important one, finding peace, peace with being who you are and letting other people own their own….!  How is it going?  Are you making strides in being good to yourself?  Finding your center?  Something that helps me is to write in my gratitude journal every morning, and then again if I start feeling out of sorts.  Just reflecting on the good in my life and around me helps me to regain my balance and center.


    @Michele Foster - have you relocated to the Midwest or made a career change?  Both can be exciting and scary.  How are you doing? 


    @Cassandra Eagleton - are you taking chances?  Are you pushing past fear?  A great way to always start the day off great is to take out that bright lipstick you bought and never will wear out of the drawer and write positive notes to yourself on your mirror.  "Good Moring, You Are Fabulous and Today Is Going To Be Amazing!" . . . One of my favorites.


    @Sarah Gabriel - checking in on those professional skills, any new skill to share with us?  I could use a few myself.  How is that downsizing going?  I downsized one pair of shoes in January, because they broke…but then bought 3 new pairs.  Did I mention I love shoes!


    @Karen Rodakowski - Don't worry - Be happy!  Easier said than done.  But did you know that worry is just a negative form of meditation, and a positive form of meditation is prayer and memorizing God's word.  Joshua 1:8 says if you meditate on the Word day and night, you'll make your way prosperous and have success.  

    What is helping you to gain victory over worry so far this year?


    @Ginny Lebeck - I really cannot wait to hear what you have gleaned from practicing mindfulness so far this year.  What have you begun doing?  How is it affecting your life?

    I started waking up 15 minutes earlier to do morning meditations and positive affirmations, then we do one as a group at lunch, and at night I do a 15 minute bed time session.  Loving it!


    @Shirley Adams -  Let me just say the 50's are Fabulous, but I think every year is fabulous - it is a state of mind.  How is the, let's call it healthy living going?  I do not encourage "dieting"  I think we need to continuously work on improving our personal care skills, all the things that keep us living incredible lives.  Mind, body and soul.


    If you did not join in back in January, it is not to late - post your goals and dreams for this year and get on board with us!  The more the merrier!


    Holly Kutil ~ NAVUG All-Star
    American Ring/Business Intelligence Dir.
    Solon, OH 44139

    **Great Lakes Chapter**
    ♥♥ Women In Dynamics ♥♥

  • 2.  RE: As Promised - 2018 Goal Check In - February 2018!

    Posted Feb 12, 2018 08:27 AM
    I guess you can say that my balancing act didn't start off so great. I feel and sprained my ankle rather seriously on New Year's Eve. And no, not the results or partying too hard. I took a misstep walking down 3 steps to our garage that afternoon. I am on the mend, but this set me back a bit on some of the physical activity goals that were part of my balance initiative.

    However, this physical limitation has not stopped me from one of my primary goals - to end each workday at a "more reasonable" time. Both my husband and I are working on this one together. If we do work longer than we should, which is easier this time of year (we are not winter people,) we tell ourselves this is time we will take back when it is warmer. We haven't gone so far as to keep a log. I guess we are doing the opposite of "making hay while the sun shines." We are banking hours while the snow flies!

    That's all I have to report for now, thanks for asking @Holly Kutil.

    Cynthia Priebe
    Senior Business Analyst and Project Manager
    Liberty Grove Software
    Grafton OH

  • 3.  RE: As Promised - 2018 Goal Check In - February 2018!

    Posted Feb 12, 2018 09:21 AM
    @Holly Kutil I would like to hear more about your adventures of becoming O365 certified! One of my growth goals later this year is to continue to learn...not only as a new leader, but also to be more competent and confident in my skills.

    As for my new team, it is an every day struggle. Any words of advice on how to handle someone that is inconsistent and passive about being on time and finishing tasks?

    I do have to give my team, including myself, a kudos. We are getting more done than ever before and are advancing our company's software and technical infrastructure. We just finished up an upgrade from Office 2010 to 365 last month and it went off fairly smooth, only a few glitches. My favorite thing so far on 365 is Planner. We are using this to keep track of our projects, timelines, who is doing what, etc.

    In my personal life, I'm struggling more this year than ever before. The week before Christmas my mother was unexpectedly diagnosed with Leukemia. I'm an only child and my mom never remarried, so my husband and I have not only been trying to keep our house in order but also take care of her home (that she just bought 5 months ago...first time home buyer in her 50s...so proud of her). Not to mention the countless doctors appointments, time away from work, late nights visiting with her and so on. No excuse, as we all have things come up in our lives, but it is taking a toll on me. Now more than ever I need to find those few extra minutes a day to do something for me and to keep my mentality positive. One good thing...I just received a confirmation that I am a finalist in a Pin Up Girl competition at a large car show coming up! It is going to be a blast!​

    Aleiha Hanson
    IT Manager
    Royal Basket Trucks, Inc
    Darien WI
    GPUG Milwaukee Chapter Leader

  • 4.  RE: As Promised - 2018 Goal Check In - February 2018!

    Posted Feb 12, 2018 01:02 PM
    @Holly Kutil Thanks so much checking in. ​​I have been doing really well. I read the book "Live the Let Go Life" by Joseph Prince. What an awesome ready. It is just as said, leave it in God's hands. but sometimes that's not always easy. This book has really given me some thoughts on how to do that, and such a true understanding of God's grace. When we leave things in Gods hands, He steps in and starts working on our behalf. If we hold on, He steps back like a gentleman, and waits for us.
    Thank you!!

    Karen Rodakowski
    NAV System Specialist/Project Manager
    MBI Energy Services
    Belfield ND

  • 5.  RE: As Promised - 2018 Goal Check In - February 2018!

    Posted Feb 12, 2018 01:10 PM
    ​Ugh! I had two paragraphs of reply and the site bombed. BOOO!

    Ok. Let's start again - Happy New Year (February already), Ladies!
    @Holly Kutil to answer your question - My career change will not go the direction of Chicago as I will be leaving my current company and looking in the bay area where I live. Had they offered me relocation, I would not have gone. The company has turned extremely toxic and therefore is not a place to which I want to belong anymore. I have taken the first steps in browsing for positions on LinkedIn, speaking with a recruiter, and updating my resume. Speaking with the recruiter was quite empowering and she said she loved my resume format so much she read the entire document! That was great to hear.

    Three things that I am doing to manage stress of the job transition:
    1. Exercising for an hour 5 days per week
    2. 90 minute massages every 2 weeks
    3. Spending quality time with friends I really like and enjoy

    I am learning so many things about myself during this process that, while not a pretty transition, I wouldn't trade them for anything.

    Michele Foster
    Sr. Manager, G&A Applications
    Depomed, Inc.
    Newark CA

  • 6.  RE: As Promised - 2018 Goal Check In - February 2018!

    Posted Feb 14, 2018 02:27 PM
    @Holly Kutil​ - thanks for checking in!  I am taking more chances and pushing through fear both professionally and personally.  Coincidentally enough I'm also on the 'Fear is for Suckers' part in the You Are A Bad-ass book. Lol!  I've become very dedicated to a fitness program since January that is really helping to increase my confidence in my abilities physically.  This spills over professionally because I see what I have and can accomplish and I am trying harder to not let my mental fears keep me from learning new skills.  I appreciate your suggestion of positive notes on the mirror!  I will definitely give that a try!!

    Cassandra Eagleton
    Capital Lighting Fixture Co
    Flowery Branch GA

  • 7.  RE: As Promised - 2018 Goal Check In - February 2018!

    Posted Feb 14, 2018 04:21 PM
    @Holly Kutil - So glad you checked in.  I just finished a 12 week fitness challenge and I'm feeling really great about that, finding peace in turning 50 and the fact that I can't do everything the 20 years olds do but I can do my best and I do that every time I go to the gym and when I do there are results I can enjoy.

    I also took a huge leap of faith in January accepting a new job as a Project Manager with an AX/D3FO ​partner and leaving the company I went to straight out of college nearly 30 years ago.  I had to find peace that I couldn't "finish" everything before I left the old job which was a challenge I finally stepped up to on the last 2 days.  The reward is the joy I'm finding in the new job, the appreciation I'm feeling from the team I joined and the excitement when I look ahead at all I get to learn.

    Funny turn of events, considering what I wrote as my goal, but one that I will allow me start afresh on finding balance and center.


    Sherry Moran ~ AXUG All-Star
    Project Manager
    SAGlobal America
    Milton Freewater OR

  • 8.  RE: As Promised - 2018 Goal Check In - February 2018!

    Posted Feb 18, 2018 10:23 AM

    Looks like we are off to a great start in 2018, still waiting on some updates ladies.....

    Let us finish the first quarter strong.  Success is not in the finish line or end results, but in the daily struggle and work it takes to get there.  When we choose to press on and take that next step, in-spite of life's detours, struggles, and difficulties that we find out what really matters to us, and what we are really made of.

    Everyday comes with its own struggles and obstacles, choose to push through them, to overcome them, choose to continuously move forward no matter how small a step it is, keep on going!

    So hangeth thou in there dynamic women!  Let's be "SuperWomen" in 2018.

    It is only in the struggle that the caterpillar becomes a butterfly, spreads its wings and fly's.

    P.S. a great site for Microsoft Office Education and more is Lynda: Online Courses, Classes, Training, Tutorials  There is a subscription but well worth it.  I learn a lot and also glean from their expert presentation skills for my own presentations.  It is a win win!

    Holly Kutil ~ NAVUG All-Star
    American Ring/Business Intelligence Dir.
    Solon, OH 44139

    **Great Lakes Chapter**
    ♥♥ Women In Dynamics ♥♥

  • 9.  RE: As Promised - 2018 Goal Check In - February 2018!

    Posted Mar 16, 2018 11:00 PM
    Hi ladies,
    I know, I feel this is so late in coming - as I am replying at the end of Q1 on 2018 goal checks!  I have to say I feel like I am practicing mindfulness 50% of the time. I'm not going to lie, it's harder than I thought. The day all of a sudden gets away from me, when I realize - oh darn - I had no time to practice mindfulness! You really have to put it on your calendar and make a commitment to it - otherwise it falls off the important "to do" list. I'm ready to "reboot and restart" in Q2....I know it has huge benefits, so just need to commit to it to reap the benefits!
    Anyone else have tips to practice this on a daily/weekly monthly basis? 

    Ginny Lebeck
    Member Engagement
    Dynamic Communities
    Lorton VA