Why Our Marketing Team Won't Miss Out on reIMAGINE 2015: MarketingSherpa Training

By Missy Heilman posted Jul 16, 2015 04:21 PM


As a marketer, I am pumped (can I used that adjective in a blog?) for reIMAGINE 2015. Not only do I get to rub elbows with seasoned Microsoft Dynamics® GP Partners, but <drum roll please> MARKETINGSHERPA is going to be onsite conducting educational sessions for marketers. For those of you who have attended reIMAGINE or TechAirlift (reIMAGINE’s predecessor) in the past, you understand the value of the tech-based content and training. Now that reIMAGINE is offering tracks specific to sales and marketing, I’m excited to see what my team learns from MarketingSherpa and other renowned experts sharing best practice data at this year’s conference. 

If you are a marketer, you know MarketingSherpa; just in case you’ve been hiding in a hole, let me tell you about the company. Taken directly from their site, ‘MarketingSherpa is a research firm specializing in tracking what works in all aspects of marketing (and what does not).’  MarketingSherpa is not a consultancy or an agency – they are focused on research through case studies, surveys, and ‘lab’ testing. 

Over the past 15 years, I’ve utilized MarketingSherpa’s research and best practice information to build comprehensive strategic marketing plans. Prior to my role as Director of Marketing for DCI, I was a consultant for 7 years specializing in lead management and demand process. I often used research data to support the recommendations I was making to optimize client processes and marketing strategies. One piece of MarketingSherpa research data that I used repeatedly was published back in 2008 but still very relevant today. This research focused on the information that leads are willing to provide when interacting with a vendor. I used this research as guidance when creating progressive profiling strategies for B2B organizations.

While details are being ironed out regarding exact sessions and titles, the fact that we will have MarketingSherpa ‘to ourselves’ for a few days is extraordinary. You can bet you will walk away with valuable information to help you plan, execute, benchmark and optimize your marketing programs. My entire team will be attending reIMAGINE to take advantage of this opportunity. It’s an investment we can’t afford to miss!

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