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reIMAGINE 2014: the start of something big

By Joe Carroll posted Nov 19, 2014 11:43 AM


The Microsoft Dynamics partner community is large and active and continues to thrive. Last week in Fargo, Dynamics GP held their annual partner conference, the first of what we expect to be many "reIMAGINE" conferences.

When Pam Misialek and the Microsoft team came up with 'reIMAGINE' as the new name for the Dynamics GP partner conference we did not know what to expect. A week after the end of the event, it is clear that the name is quite appropriate and will be for some time. This is the start of something big.

The partners with whom I spoke were excited about the product. They believe that the new version which is shipping imminently is truly the best ever. It will deliver what customers need and want today: a fantastic feature set, seamless connections to just about every Microsoft technology that extends the feature set even further and the ability to operate on the device of their choosing.

Attendees shared success stories and began collaborating like never before.

From the main stage, we heard from two partners whose sales have been doubling for the past few years, adding more than 60 new customers this year, with an expectation that they can continue this momentum in the coming year. They shared how they accomplished this - without sharing proprietary information. And most importantly for the entire partner community, it was clear that what they did can be done by many other partners. It is a great time to be a Microsoft partner working with Dynamics GP.

There was an emphatic confirmation that Microsoft is committed to Dynamics GP for the long haul. Partners are optimistic about the future of their business. Some folks were already talking about next year's conference!

While we honored the past, recognizing it is, perhaps, our greatest asset, we looked to the future. Last week in Fargo we started to not only reIMAGINE how great the future can be but also how to make it happen. I am grateful and inspired to have been be part of something this big.

(I will be sharing specific announcements about how DPC will help make this happen soon, but wanted to get this out ASAP)

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