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eXtreme365 Day 1 Keynote Recap

By Jenna Knoblauch posted Mar 25, 2019 07:29 AM


Christy Spokely, Vice President of Partner Strategy with Dynamic Communities, kicked off the 9th consecutive #eXtreme365 Europe early this morning with some exciting updates for the Dynamics 365 partner community.


As announced in June 2018, eXtreme365 joined forces with Dynamic Communities to become one organization. By coming together, eXtreme365 can now serve the partner and user community 365 days a year.


Partners now have the opportunity to join the Dynamic Communities User Group communities (D365UG, GPUG, NAVUG, and Power Platform User Groups) by becoming a Partner Member. Partner Member benefits include:

  • Direct opportunities to engage with customers at in-person events, and virtually
  • Real time answers for real world questions
  • Year-round virtual learning opportunities
  • Hands-on, instructor led education


If you are interested in a Partner Membership or in learning more, please contact Deneen Dardis, Business Development Manager.


Additionally, here is a full list of upcoming customer events:


User Group Summit/Power Platform Summit

Australia | Melbourne | 27-29 August 2019
North America | Orlando, Florida | 13-18 October 2019
Europe | Location and dates to be announced later this week


User Group Focus

Europe | Location and dates coming soon
North America | Location and dates coming soon


Power Platform World Tour

Chicago, Illinois | 9-10 April 2019
London, England | 28-29 August 2019
Copenhagen, Denmark| 10-11 September 2019
São Paulo, Brazil | 3-4 October 2019
Mexico City, Mexico | 23-24 October 2019
Madrid, Spain | 13-14 November


User Group World Tour

London, England | 21 May 2019
Copenhagen, Denmark | 22 May 2019
Johannesburg, South Africa | 11-13 June 2019


Add these partner in-person events to your calendar to attend:


              Australia | 18-20 Australia | Melbourne

              North America | 13-15 October | Orlando

              Europe 2020 | March 2020 | TBA


We are excited to kick-off a great partner event this week in Amsterdam and it’s a great time to be a Dynamics partner. Connect with us throughout the week to learn more about how to get engaged with your user group community.