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The Best Seat in the House

By Janet Lampert posted Jan 18, 2017 10:10 AM


At the 2016 User Group Summit event in Tampa, FL, I had the privilege to set sail on the Tampa Bay for a dinner cruise with your User Group Advisory Boards, Programming Committees, Membership Committee and Sponsorship Committee members to celebrate the accomplishments made in each User Group over the past year. As we boarded the cruise, we were greeted by Captain Dave and I had the opportunity to take a turn at the helm, to experience the best seat in the house – the Captain’s chair. As I embraced the helm, I looked out over the picturesque bay and could see for miles. No doubt it was the best seat in the house, as it should be. The Captain is ultimately responsible for charting our course, seeing our path, and propelling us forward – ensuring we all reach our new destination(s).


The Captain’s Chair is not unlike the vision and fortitude the User Group Advisory Board members and Committee members have. These engaged members are responsible for charting the course of the User Groups, creating a path/plan, and propelling the User Group forward. These members have given freely their time, talents and Dynamics knowledge to help move individual members and the User Groups forward this past year. The User Groups could not accomplish all that they do without these Captains.


I continue to hear from these committee members that they’re always gaining more from the User Groups than the effort they’re putting in; and this, to me, is one of the most thrilling parts of the User Group communities.


I encourage you to get involved with your User Group community in some way. I encourage you to start small – post an answer in the Online Discussion Forum, volunteer to present a webinar or at a Chapter meeting, write a blog or an article for our magazine. And when you’re ready, come and see the view from the Captain’s chair – it’s beautiful up here.