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Hurricane Harvey and Irma: How the Community Can Help

By Andrew Hafer posted Sep 08, 2017 01:05 PM


With the destruction caused by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma weighing heavily on the minds of those in the community, I wanted to make you aware of how your actions at Summit Nashville in October can help those affected by this natural disaster. I had a conversation with Eric Taft, Community Engagement Manager for Rise Against Hunger. Here’s his response:

Rise Against Hunger primarily delivers humanitarian aid overseas, but has focused some of their relief efforts to aid those in Texas affected by Hurricane Harvey and Florida/Caribbean by Hurricane Irma . According to the Rise Against Hunger website, “We stand ready to distribute more than 45,000 meals to those affected by the storm. These highly nutritious meals will be targeted for use in to emergency shelters, potentially providing one meal each day to more than 7,000 individuals for a full week.”

In August 2017, Rise Against Hunger also began responding to epic floods in Niger and large-scale mudslides in Nepal, and the response to these major crises has affected their Emergency Relief meal reserves. It's important to have their reserves full so they can address future emergencies proactively, as they are currently able to do with their Hurricane Harvey response.

Read how Rise Against Hunger is responding to Hurricane Harvey.

Make an impact in Nashville

All Summit Nashville attendees are encouraged to assist Rise Against Hunger in giving back to those less fortunate and contribute to the goal of packaging 50,000 meals in three days. Rise Against Hunger will have a booth with an assembly line during Expo hours at Summit Nashville.

Learn more about giving back through Rise Against Hunger at Summit Nashville:

While the meals Summit Nashville attendees are assembling in Nashville, may not be the actual meals that feed a hurricane victim in Houston or Florida, we will be working to replenish the Rise Against Hunger meal reserves that were rightfully but critically drained to help Texans, Floridians, and Caribbeans when they needed it most.

We are in close communication with Rise Against Hunger to understand what more we can do to support relief efforts in Texas, Florida and all the other places impacted by natural disaster.

Thank you in advance for your support with our efforts to help those in need.