About Us
Welcome to the "Corporate Information" page of Dynamic Communities Inc. – the administrative organization behind professional associations and software user groups such as the Dynamics AX User Group (AXUG), the Dynamics GP User Group (GPUG), the Dynamics CRM User Group (CRMUG), and the Dynamics NAV User Group (NAVUG).

Dynamic Communities Inc (DCI), was formed as a result of the growing need for hosted professional organizations that serve the needs of constituent groups in a community around a similar cause. Starting as the Axapta User Group around Microsoft Corporation's Axapta (later changing its name to the Dynamics AX User Group), the grass-roots, volunteer-driven user group grew to the point of demanding a great deal of time from its leaders. While keeping that fundamental approach of serving the constituents, a business entity, including professional staff, was formed to do the "heavy lifting," and allow the organization to expand.

The highly successful Dynamics AX User Group brought about the desire by constituents of the Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly call Great Plains) software community to develop a similar group. Adding the Dynamics GP User Group (GPUG), allowed Dynamic Communities to spread the investment in resources across multiple organizations, enhancing the return on investment of each constituent. We have further expanded by adding the Dynamics CRM User Group (CRMUG).

Although in a crowded space of association management services companies, Dynamic Communities Inc. differentiates itself in the resulting experience of each member. The User Groups and Professional Associations are led by members of the group, emphasizing the grass-roots style the first user group was founded on. The hired staff supporting the groups largely come out of the member organization. This is critical as they understand the key services necessary to bring about member benefit.

Establishing the corporation to transcend the term limits of volunteer leadership also guaranteed that the success of the organization could sustain itself and not rely certain variances in people's time.

If you have an interest in forming a user group around your product, we would love to talk to you.

Our Mission
To foster the development and growth of user groups that maximize value to individuals and companies using the products they are founded around.

Our Vision
To engage every individual and company in value-added networking and knowledge sharing; and to be the single most important conduit for vendors to seek guidance on future development of their product.

Relationship with Microsoft
Dynamic Communities is independent of Microsoft. It was initially formed by users for the benefit of users of the Microsoft Dynamics AX product and through the creation of the Dynamics GP User Group became a multi-group administrative organization. Our groups are developed hand-in-hand with Microsoft to ensure that their entire organization is aware of and approves of our mission, supports our programs, and promotes our capabilities.

This independence enables us to provide an unbiased authority and be the opinion leader over Microsoft Dynamics, related Microsoft Partners, and 3rd party software and tools. This should not be seen as adversarial to Microsoft. Instead, it will be of great value to Microsoft for providing feedback about Dynamics, Microsoft services and tools, partners, and 3rd party software and tools. With this in mind, one of the key pillars we are founded on is to provide efficient input and feedback to Microsoft to help them address current issues that users face and to plan direction for future product development.

Dynamic Communities relies heavily on Microsoft for resources and information. It is important to maintain strong relationships with key members of Microsoft to ensure our programs work in concert with the direction Microsoft is taking. Additionally, attention should be given as to not overlap in programming with Microsoft. Finally, we leverage Microsoft's products, services, and infrastructure as much as possible as a testament to their value.

Microsoft relies heavily on the groups of Dynamic Communities for Sales and Product Development purposes. The User Groups have, as its members, the most influential and successful Microsoft Dynamics customers and partners. Microsoft sees us as an extension of their sales and marketing efforts. Microsoft highlights the value of the independent groups to their prospective customers. Additionally, Microsoft leverages the groups for organized, unbiased feedback enjoying efficient information collection during their product development efforts.

Contact Us
General: info@dynamiccommunities.com

CEO: Andy Hafer
2909 W Bay to Bay Blvd, Suite 110
Tampa, FL 33629
1.877.324.8880 x1499